We offer Children’s services and programs on both Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Sunday morning we enjoy entering into worship together as a family at 10:30 . Halfway through the service the children are dismissed to their own service. We are working our way through the Bible one story at a time, digging up amazing treasures within each book. Through this we are learning that God can use anyone, including kids from Willard, to do BIG things! They enjoy learning through music, character skits, crafts, activities, games and experiments.

Jigiya SoGaribu Complete

We are also learning about missions. The kids have taken on an amazing project called Jigiya So. They have been challenged to raise money to help kids their age in Africa. They took on this challenge with excitement and reached their goal in 8 weeks! So proud of the Carpenter’s House Kids who love missions! Our next project will be to help Rev Margaret Mills with her Nazareth Kid’s in Jamaica. More coming on this new adventure!

Mpact and Rangers

Wednesday evening Carpenter’s House welcomes kids for it’s Royal Ranger and Mpact programs. Hands on learning, games, crafts, merits and badges make building young people in the image of Christ fun and exciting. We often have trips or activities to go along with each monthly unit.  Clubs start at 7:00 each Wednesday night.