Carpenter’s House is dedicated to building people, building families and building community into the image of Christ.

Children’s Programs

We offer Children’s services and programs on both Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Sunday morning we enjoy entering into worship together as a family at 10:30 . Halfway through the service the children are dismissed to their own service. We are walking through the Bible starting with Genesis and looking at each story. 
By putting the stories in order we are able to see just how perfectly Gods plan is. Our kids enjoy learning through music, character skits, crafts, activities,
games and experiments.

Wednesday evening Carpenter’s House welcomes kids for it’s Royal Ranger and Mpact programs. Hands on learning, games, crafts, merits and badges make building young people in the image of Christ fun and exciting. We often have trips or activities to go along with each monthly unit.  Clubs start at 7:00 each Wednesday night.


Youth Programs

We have launched our Youth program! It is so exciting to see the young people coming in to learn more of how God’s wants to use them. The Youth meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 in our main fellowship hall under the leadership of Matt and Megan Dove. Come and see what God has for you!

Ladies Ministries

Ladies need to be pampered every now and then and Carpenter’s House loves to be the place for that. We enjoy ‘Chocolate and Chick-Flick’ nights as well as specialty nights that are just for those special women who need a break. But more than just fun evenings away from home, we love having a time to encourage, strengthen and build these ladies for the tasks that God has given them. For some it may be at work, school, dealing with a difficult spouse or at home with a toddler or teenager. You are loved and are precious. Carpenter’s House just wants to show you how much.

Men’s Ministries


We can’t forget our men! We respect our men at Carpenter’s House and want them to know how much we need them. With events planned out with men in mind, Carpenter’s House works to encourage, equip and build men to be leaders in their homes and communities. It also doesn’t hurt to have a ‘Meat and Movie’ night either.

Marriage Building

God created marriage to be a beautiful and designed it perfectly. This is why Pastor Carroll has a great passion to build marriages on a solid foundation. It doesn’t matter if you have been married 50 years or 5 weeks, there will be things that can test a marriage but in these monthly fellowships we learn how to build a relationship that will last. Do you have to be married to attend? Not at all. You may be engaged or just wanting to be prepared when God does send you that special someone. We meet the last Sunday of every month at 5:30 with child care provided.